Tools And Materials To Make 3D Pop Up Card

Tools and materials to make 3D pop up card

Many friends ask me about tools and materials to make 3D pop up card. Well, you don’t need fancy tools to make handmade paper crafts and 3D pop up cards, but need right tools and materials. Here are the tools and materials I recommend: a scalpel knife or a pair of scissors with sharp blades, art paper, glue, and sewing tools.

A scalpel knife

Although you can find more basic models, I find it’s worth the extra couple dollars to get a comfortable knife which is easy to control. See some suggestion of craft knife from Amazon such as Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife or X-ACTO Designer Series #1 Hobby and Craft Knife.

A pair of Scissors

Crafting is serious business. A good tool can be the difference between a charming handmade gift and a DIY gone wrong. The crafter needs something that can get down and dirty to cut through whatever a project calls for and something that can do detailed work. What to look for in a pair of scissors.

  • Ease of cutting. You want to have the same kind of sensation as when you put a knife to butter. Scissors should cut through smoothly and cleanly.
  • Ease of holding. It’s ideal to have a pair of scissors that feels like it’s made for your hands. If they’re comfortable to hold and easy to control, scissors become an extension of yourself (in a weird Edward Scissorhands type of way).
  • Ergonomics. For those long projects where you’re constantly cutting, the ergonomics of a pair of scissors is important. If your hand tires quickly or is often strained and cramped, it’s time to switch scissors!
  • Blade length. Some people like longer blades as it takes less work to cut through something long (like wrapping paper). Others prefer shorter blades, so they can see more clearly what they are cutting for better precision and control.

I suggest you to choose Kokuyo AiroFit Non-Stick Scissors – Wave or Kokuyo Clippy Non-Stick Scissors with Clip for craft purpose.

Art paper

Most of the pop-ups you see on this website (those cut from colored paper) are made with Kishu art paper – a paper designed for drawing with pastels but with an ideal weight and feel for pop-up cards. You can buy it by the sheet for a gorgeous selection of colors. The paper is a pleasure to cut, easy to fold, and it holds its shape and glues nicely. It’s not great for laser printing though (it goes through the printer well enough, but the ink has a tendency to flake, you can rub it off with an erasure).


White glue is the most durable, but you need to have a light touch and apply it sparingly to avoid a bumpy result. See some latex glue from Amazon.

Sewing tools (Needle and Clew)

You can easily find needle and clew on Amazon with a very reasonable price.

Hope you can DIY 3D pop up cards.

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