essential tips to give gifts

Essential Tips To Give Gifts

The essential tips to give gifts to someone else seems to be hard-wired into human behavior: We do it almost from birth. Gifting is so much more than just the physical exchange of objects — it’s a way to communicate and to send a message to the recipient of the gift. When you put some thought into it and choose a meaningful present, the gift becomes a wish for someone’s happiness.

On the flip side, a poorly-chosen gift can send a message that’s downright insulting. (Hopefully you’ve never been the recipient of a gym membership you didn’t want!)

At any time of the year, trying to find the perfect gift that expresses how much you care can be frustrating: nobody likes wandering around the mall on the day before the event, hoping desperately for inspiration.

But in reality, anyone can give a thoughtful present — all it takes is a little perceptiveness and creativity. With these essential tips to give gifts, you’ll leave ready to take the prize for “best gift given” at your next special occasion!

Give by observing

The number one rule of meaningful gift-giving is observation: those who have mastered the art pay attention to what their friends and loved ones say and what their interests are. People are constantly dropping hints about what their likes and dislikes are, often when you least expect it! Would they like something useful, or something decorative? Something for the house, or something for themselves?

Thoughtful gift-givers also understand the circumstances of their recipients. People don’t always ask for what they want — or even realize that they need it — but by paying attention to what would make their life easier or what they need replaced, you can almost always pick the perfect unique gift.

For example, your friend who just moved might love to receive a few well-chosen decorations. Your newly supermom friend, on the other hand, might benefit from some pampering products or a nice hammock to relax in.

Give by personality

Failing to consider who you’re giving to is a sure-fire way to have an awkward gifting experience. But matching the gift to their unique personality sends a message that says you care about who they are. Trendsetters may enjoy different gifts than fitness aficionados. Your friend who love traveling might like a leather bag or passport holder, while your friend who enjoy entertaining might appreciate new tableware — you get the idea.

Give for good luck

On many occasions, like a housewarming party or graduation, you want to give a gift that wishes the recipient good fortune and prosperity. (And a box of fortune cookies doesn’t count!) Tap into the myths and symbolism associated with auspiciousness and good luck — and get creative! Moonstone, agate, and the owl are thought to bring protection and good fortune, while turquoise and the frog are thought to assist in healing.

Give by birthday

Even if your gift is not for your recipient’s special day, gifting by birthday is a great way to mix it up when it comes to choosing something meaningful. People said that wearing your birthstone brings good luck, good health, and prosperity, reminding your loved one how much she matters to you. Unique birthday pop up cards are also special because each card holds unique symbolic meanings.

There Will Be Cards

There are cards for every occasion you can think about such as Christmas Pop Up Cards, Birthday Pop Up Cards, and Valentine’s Day Pop Up Cards. So don’t forget to enclose a meaningful pop up card when gifting to your loved ones.

Meaningful gifts are the best gifts

There are so many options when it comes to presents that show how much you care. So when it comes to giving, don’t settle for the fruits of aimless mall-wandering. Find your loved ones the meaningful gifts they deserve!

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