3d greeting card season

3D Greeting Card Season



Normally, the biggest 3d greeting card season is Christmas (around the world). But in fact, Christmas is not the biggest occasion for greeting cards. In France, New Year occasion is more important, same in Asia. In these few years, some countries in Asia have bigger Christmas, especially for young people.


The second biggest season is holyday season. People go traveling around the world and buy greeting cards to send them back home. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the holiday season is the period around Christmas and New Year.


There are many other occasions for greeting cards such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, new baby, wedding, big or small parties, etc.,


In Vietnam, we do not have greeting card culture. Only some young people who are affected by Western culture buy greeting cards or make cards themselves and send cards to their lovers, or friends… But most of Vietnamese do not use greeting cards for all occasions.


From 2012, our first 3D pop-up card designs appear in Viet Nam. Till now, after 4 years, most of pop-up cards in Vietnam are produced for foreign tourist.


I hope our cards will make pop-up cards culture in Viet Nam in near future.

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    I would like to ask who are the staff making the cards.

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